is currently under development and doesn’t still support all the planned features.

It supports reading and updating your Loved Tracks and reading your Recent Tracks.
It doesn’t suppor yet reading other playlists or updating your Recent Tracks.

When you try to add a account To learn (read the user guide for details on how to adding accounts and using them in muSync), you will be asked for your username and password: authentication screen

Those details will not be used or stored by Instead, the browser will take you to the screen to request an API key, which will be used by muSync to interact with API.

This is a read-only API key that doesn’t allow making changes to your account.

Once this step is completed, you will have your Loved and Recent Tracks in muSync: playlists

As mentioned before, muSync only granted read-only access to your account so far. If at some will need making changes to your account (i.e., adding songs to a playlist), you will see a new browser window where asks you to authenticate to make changes to your account:

Authorize changes to your playlists

These authorizations only last for one hour, so after that time, muSync will require a new application authorization to make changes to your playlists.